It all starts with harvesting seaweed


Founded in 2005, Ocean Harvest Technology is one of the leading commercial scale producers of seaweed blend ingredients for the animal feed market. The Company is headquartered in Reigate, UK with further operations in Galway, Ireland and Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

Ocean Harvest Technology develops seaweed ingredients that have been demonstrated in scientific trials to deliver a number of specific benefits across multiple animal species based on the polysaccharides and other bioactive ingredients present in particular species of seaweeds. These benefits include lower mortality levels, higher growth rates and improvements in feed conversion ratios.

Ocean Harvest Technology uses naturally growing, sustainably sourced seaweeds in its products, which are either sourced from natural blooms or harvested from plants on a rotation basis to ensure sustainable regrowth. Unlike most other feed ingredients, the Company’s sourcing does not utilise material quantities of land, fresh water, fertilisers or other chemicals.

The Group’s research and development programme continues to build a portfolio of intellectual property demonstrating significant benefits to customers from using its proprietary blended seaweed ingredients that improve the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of the animal feed chain through delivering improvements in animal gut health.

Ocean Harvest Technology believes it is the largest supplier of proprietary blended seaweed ingredients to the global animal feed industry.