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Improve Shrimp and Finfish Performance with OceanFeed™ Aqua

OceanFeed™ Aqua is a green/ brown coloured ingredient, produced by drying, milling, mixing and forming a selected blend of brown, green and red seaweeds. The seaweeds in the blend are sustainably harvested from Europe, North America and Southeast Asia and are produced under HACCP and GMP+ manufacturing conditions. Ocean Harvest Technology’s seaweed blends are specifically formulated to deliver a balance of prebiotic fibres and bioactives that enhance gut health and digestive efficiency in Aquatic animals.

OceanFeed™ Aqua chart showing improved live weight in Pangasius catfish juveniles.
OceanFeed™ Aqua chart showing improved juveniles P monodon shrimp performance.

Seaweed Prebiotics

A unique blend of brown, green and red marine macroalgae (seaweed) providing prebiotic fibres that improve microbiome balance and digestive efficiency in animals by selectively targeting beneficial gut bacteria.

OceanFeed™ Aqua chart showing improved juvenile L. vannamei performance.
OceanFeed™ Aqua Fish
Image showing a bag of OceanFeed™ Aqua "Dried and ground green, brown and red macroalgae (seaweed) only, supplied in dust free crumble and pellet forms".
OceanFeed™ Aqua chart showing typical product composition and recommended inclusion rates

Trial Reports

View and download Aqua Trial Reports:

Ocean Harvest Technology – PR Pangasius CatfishPR Pangasius Catfish (PDF version)2023/12/21Download
Ocean Harvest Technology – PR Juvenile White ShrimpPR Juvenile White Shrimp (PDF version)2023/12/21Download


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