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Support gut health and improve performance with OceanFeed™ Poultry

For all Poultry, including Growing Chickens, Layers, Breeders & Turkeys

OceanFeed™ Poultry is a green/ brown coloured ingredient, produced by drying, milling, mixing and forming a selected blend of brown, green and red seaweeds. The seaweeds in the blend are sustainably harvested from Europe, North America and Southeast Asia and are produced under HACCP and GMP+ manufacturing conditions. Ocean Harvest Technology’s seaweed blends are specifically formulated to deliver a balance of prebiotic fibres and bioactives that enhance gut health and digestive efficiency in poultry.

OceanFeed™ Poultry chart showing improved broiler performance (0-35 days).
OceanFeed™ Poultry chart showing improved layer performance (50-62 weeks of age).

Increase Microbiome Diversity

Seaweed Prebiotics

A unique blend of brown, green and red marine macroalgae (seaweed) providing prebiotic fibres that improve microbiome balance and digestive efficiency in animals by selectively targeting beneficial gut bacteria (patent application EP 20734258.5)

OceanFeed™ Poultry chart showing the relative abundance of bacteria families (> 1%)in broilers fed Control or Control with OceanFeed™.

OceanFeedTM increased the Firmicutes: Bacteriodetes ratio, microbiome diversity and the abundance of butyrate producing bacteria families, including Ruminococcaceae and Lachnospiracea (based on 16S RNA gene sequencing of caecal microbiome from broilers)

OceanFeed™ Poultry - Turkey, Chicken and Chicks
Image showing a bag of OceanFeed™ Poultry "Dried and ground green, brown and red macroalgae (seaweed) only, supplied in dust free crumble and pellet forms".
OceanFeed™ Poultry chart showing Typical Product Composition and recommended inclusion rates.

Trial Reports

View and download Poultry Trial Reports:

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